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Photo Shoot #1

Yesterday after my morning wardrobe shift in Times Square, I quickly threw together a Really Pretty, NYC photo shoot on my roof!

I stopped at the grocery store to nab ice cream and sundae fixings too!  On a hot day — payment to three working kids can be steep!  Knowing Henry and his friends Marley and Alexis would be totally committed, I would need to ante up with creamy yummy goodness (organic whipped cream, sprinkles, banana slices, gummy bears and crushed Oreo toppings just to name a few)!

Here’s a sneak peak at some photos featuring Marley (w/ props):


The girls got to keep a few necklaces too!

I have a few more photo shoots to go, and my customers can start to purchase necklaces for $10 plus shipping using check or VENMO.  My on-line payment process is not yet up and running.

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Some, Some, Summer Time !

Just a look back on our first LAS VEGAS SUMMER!

FullSizeRender          FullSizeRender

At the start of SUMMER BREAK — I took Henry to a week camp at SPORTS SOCIAL!  Then we continued our weekly Saturday lessons there!

With 110 to 114 degrees out — indoor fun is essential!  (Above) we are at Gravady Extreme Sports, and The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. 


Mom went to Home Depot and Lowes for wood, (all shapes and sizes), pipes, tubes, safety goggles, nails, tools, etc., All of this kept him busy outside for about 20 minutes.  (kidding)


FullSizeRender lunch date… and…  FullSizeRender

What could be better than catching up with a good friend?


We used the Summerlin Community Pool a lot!  It was a great place to chill out!

FullSizeRender  …we got it made in the shade at Red Rock!



The Summerlin 4th of July parade was really impressive!  Click on the link for more pictures submitted by the community.  (scroll down to Photo Contest Entries).


DSC_9467  cookie  DSC_9722

Making new friends and new discoveries…


  IMG_2662  Staying busy inside the air-conditioned house!   I set up a SCIENCE TEA PARTY FOR HENRY!  This is easy, just use some tea cups, vinegar, baking soda, food coloring….  We recorded our findings afterwards– just to be extra-scientific!





DSC_9516  Road trip to Ojai, CA!!!

DSC_9572 DSC_9598 DSC_9697 DSC_9547 DSC_9625   DSC_9678 DSC_9649 DSC_9608  DSC_9538 DSC_9622   DSC_9558 DSC_9544  DSC_9569

Ojai, CA has hiking, biking, swimming holes, water falls…..


Then Henry and I took an impromptu drive on the P.C.H. to Malibu!  Gorgeous ride up, and a cool down on the beach.

DSC_9708 DSC_9721

IMG_3423        DSC_9701 Malibu coastline (on the left) and a little camp out in Mt. Charleston (to the right).


Nothing BUTT fun!

  We enjoyed special friends, books, movies, ice-cream, popcorn, parks and playgrounds!  Mom is wiped out



Sun Kid!

Henry is taking his first ever summer camp program!  It’s called “Sunkids” and its 3 hours long daily.  The program is located in Pasadena, CA!

“Sunkids is a therapeutic summer program run by occupational, physical, and speech therapists as well as trained volunteers. Planned events and activities include water play, music, pet day, crafts, walking field trips, as well as gross motor and sensory motor play. These activities are used to facilitate gross and fine motor skills, social interaction, and play in a safe and fun environment.” — Center for Developing Kids.

We are so excited!

campReady, set, go!  The first activity is a dance and music circle.  It’s huge (there are a lot of volunteers and kiddos singing and clapping).  Henry doesn’t like this at all.  It’s too much stimulation, too loud, and seems scary.  Bigger kids are in the circle getting their sillies out.  Henry has no sillies.  He usually doesn’t get silly in public.

We sit on the side and watch.  His O.T. asks if Henry wants to participate.  I say no, and explain it’s too much for Henry.  I can’t get him to do this at parties either.  She explains that it is a good activity to start the sessions — as parents are signing in their kids, and arriving.  (People run late so  its a flexible activity).  I totally get it.  I tell Brenda that as well.  I go on to explain that I used to do the same kind of thing when I started and ran a children’s exercise program called “Fit Kidz”.  We would have the kiddos run a fun obstacle course to energizing music until everyone arrived.  Then we would “officially” begin the class, and continue with more structured activity.  I see some parents having a hard time with their kiddos as well.  They seem stressed.  They seem to take it out on Brenda and the other workers.  It’s good to remember that the FIRST day of anything can be tough on everyone.  It’s best not to give the hard working, passionate staff a hard time.  They are trying… they care so much,  and have worked so hard.

Brenda tells me that they will end with this activity too.  If I want to bring Henry a few minutes late (so he misses the dance circle) that may be a good idea!  She wants him to get used to the routine, but also have a great experience.

There are so many fun activities planned!  Henry is in the green group!  He has all of his supplies and there are a lot of kids!  The dance circle is over.  One child with more severe ASD runs for the door and takes off….his mom runs after him (she is wearing 3 inch heals and a dress); She catches him.  Whew.

Henry goes in with Brenda, and he is a little scared.  I feel so weird as I walk away.

…even a bit shaky.

I drive off and run some errands, and then get back in time to park, and walk to the building to retrieve my son.

I see the big dance circle going on.  I don’t see Henry.  I look off to the side to see if he is seated on the outer parts.  No Henry.  I see Brenda!  “Where’s Henry?”  I say.  Brenda replies,  “He’s in the circle.”

There he is — face down lying on the floor in the exact center of the dance circle.  It’s almost insanely funny.

It was a great first day!









Los Feliz Street Fair!

It was a sizzling September day for the Los Feliz Street Fair — about 100 degrees!  Henry and I got there early to beat the heat (and snag a parking spot), but the fun officially begins at 12 noon.  We strolled the streets and then grabbed a spot under the shade (had a lesson in patience) and watched a large man also named Henry inflate his business!  The expandable fun included a gigantic obstacle course, enormous slide, and bungee contraption!  Henry had his heart set on a bounce house of some sort (when I told him where we were going).  He did a great job waiting out the set up, then waiting (again) until it was time to buy a ticket.  Ready, set, bounce!


watching the set up


Finally time to get on!



Love!  DSC_7286             DSC_7287


1, 2, 3, then Henry is said, “4”!


Oh the friends you will meet…


No fingers in the cage!



It kind of felt like we were in a dry sauna for a couple of hours.  I made sure Henry drank plenty of fluids (he kept taking his hat off) but we stayed under the shade where ever possible.  I pushed him in his stroller too (which provided rest and shade).  My plan was to make it easy for him (because usually we both walk).  I didn’t want him to exert himself in the heat (other than his slide adventure).  This is such a great little festival, but the weather truly played a factor.  I just made adjustments where ever possible.  Some other parents seemed a bit ornery.  I totally get that — but Henry and I were up for an adventure, and we toughed it out.  We loved visiting the tortoise (saw him last year too) and the bouncy slide was the best!  Hopefully we’ll be back next year for another dose of Los Feliz street fun!  So many cool vendors, live music, food, cold drinks (I got an ice cold peach lemonade for $1.00), cool treats, fun for the kiddies, (and beer tents to refresh)!




Silly Summer

Summer time means I can catch up with my kids, go on fun day trips, and just feel like I’m on vacation (even though I’m not)!  Summer concerts are the best, and beach time is a must!  Thanks to our new digs, we have plenty of pool time too…. and of course sun, sun, sun!  I just love those long days of summer!

 A summer time visit with my 18-year-old, Marley!

noodles      english

Sometimes your kids act like “punky” teenagers though (but it’s OK)!  That is what they are supposed to do!

     horsey       farmersmarket

…but then there are the sweet moments (big sister looking on).  Henry finds his bliss at the pony rides in Santa Monica.  Then we move on to LACMA….


California Dreaming…wishing my teen-ager lived not-so-far-away!

spacey     spacetweet  Taking her to see the Space Shuttle and noticing she has blasted off on…..3, 2, 1: Twitter!


The fun and excitement when to his head….scaring us to death by “taking off” in the busy parking lot!  Crazy blue & red balloon octopus (and our son) on the run!


It kind of makes you laugh: Squeezing into your car — because the spaces are really close together, and then they all park too close!


It kind of makes you cry: Tantrums about getting out of the pool…it’s never fun to leave this wet wonderland at our apartment building!


Summer Nights in Chinatown, L.A.

I heard about Chinatown Summer Nights on the radio as I was driving in (surprise) traffic!  I thought is sounded really cool, but maybe not something we could take Henry to.  Then hubby heard about this as well (great advertising and it’s a free event)!  We decided we must check it out.  We opted to leave Henry home with a babysitter and it’s a good thing we did (though there were a lot of children there)!  Live music, grumbling food trucks, LOUD noise poppers, confetti explosions, live Martial Arts demonstrations, and a pretty large crowd — not good for our Henry.  Too much stimulation can be difficult for him.  Many families truly enjoyed this event!

The joys of face painting….


Cute and creative designs!


Treasure from the confetti guns


She works hard for the monkey…


The fountain! …so many seeking happiness.

DSC_7003 DSC_7017

DSC_7031 This photo was taken above the BEER TENT across from the LIVE MUSIC…am I talking your language yet?

Later at night….

DSC_7034    DSC_7033     lights        




Beautiful lights!


Live music!

Chinatown does this three different Saturday nights throughout the summer!  There’s one more left in August!  Fun!