School is Cool

Bring A Cool School Snack!

Moms…Mums… Dads…. Is it your child’s birthday? …or is there’s a special event in the classroom? What do you bring?  Cupcakes?  Cookies?  Cake Pops?  Rice Crispy treats?  Fruit?  We all know treats will be a HIT, but the sugar and empty calories are not the greatest. Recently – I brought in a mix: cereal, raisins, pretzel pieces, and mini marshmallows……

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Fall Bake Sale!

On October 21 we attended the annual Harvest Fest at my son’s elementary school! Along with all of the chaos…err fun… (haunted house, face painting, games, craft & goodie stations) there’s a bake sale!   It’s interesting to see what POPS up in the Upper West Side!  Do moms in this career-driven-crazy-busy-section of NYC really have time to bake?       The…

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