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Pick Your Pumpkin!

It’s FALL!


We have patiently waited a long time for cooler temperatures, new colors on trees, apple cider, sweaters & football…. at this point I think FALL is finally here!  (although football started several weeks ago)!

…and I am a New Yorker… I have no car, and I am OK with that.  However – something very unusual happens to a lot of New Yorkers every single Fall.  Suddenly everyone NEEDS to get to a farm.  Must go to farm.  Hmmmm…. if only the NYC metro system had a farm stop.

Let’s be real… we are not even close to a farm.  Not. Even. Close.  However I am on a couple social media “mom pages” where everyone is looking for recommendations for farms — complete with pumpkins patches and apple trees; apple picking is a must!

Then photos start popping up (on social media) of NYC families (with kids in tow) on farms…NYC kids on farms. What?  How?  Where?  This perpetuates the problem of desperate parents feeling inadequate because they can’t (or didn’t) get to the pumpkin patch (errr farm).

In the words of comedian Lewis Black, “Halloween is a harvest holiday.  And here in New York (city) –  we don’t harvest s_ _t.”

My advice: walk down the street (no more than two blocks); you will find pumpkins and apples.  Buy them, bring them home and don’t worry about the farm.


Remember — living in NYC is hard enough.  We don’t need to complicate things.



Dippy Drippy Pumpkins

From my last post — I mentioned that we had a Soccer ‘N Pumpkins in the Park play day…

I saw a cool idea on Pinterest and wanted to do a test run before-hand!  Hmmmm– Michael’s craft store is up near W. 100th Street, I am at W. 77th…  Maybe I could copy the idea with different paint from a store closer by?  Is that a DIPPY idea?  


We have Flying Tiger (party store) nearby and their stuff is CHEAP!  Let’s see what happens!

Step 1 –    Spray paint your pumpkin so the drizzly paint will adhere to it.  We chose orange: spray    We went up on our roof top for this!  Easy!  Oooo shiny.

spray2dribble not-quite

Step 2  

Place your pumpkin on top of something (I repurposed an old juice box.  The idea is that the paint will drizzle all the way down to the bottom and not create a huge puddle

underneath.  I shook the paint a little, the top flew off and it covered parts of the wall and carpet!  What?!  I didn’t even open the top and peel the foil off yet!  Then we had problems squeezing it out for Step 3.  Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have been able to do it.

Step 3  Hold the paint container upside down and start drizzling paint onto the stem, then let the paint slide down the pumpkin like a waterfall.  Henry & I both squeezed the paint together….. It started to look weird; then I found myself saying, “Henry I think that’s enough paint.  It looks like puke.”

Poor kid — he was so excited.  I wiped off the Flying Tiger paint with paper towels (returned the yucky paint), then got the RIGHT kind of acrylic paint at Michael’s craft store.

Step 3 (again)

Drizzle CRAFT SMART acrylic paint.  Don’t be DIPPY like me and buy the cheap imitation.  I repurposed a used plastic cup for the run-off; (there is still residue from the old paint though).  Step 4: sprinkle with glitter (optional) and let dry.

 paint2    Much better!    again

Henry had so much fun — he wanted to keep going!  I had some foam pumpkin cut-outs (from Michael’s) and foam brushes (from Flying Tiger).  We continued with more creations.  Our cat wanted to check things out too!

img_9584 img_9585 img_9586

The cute gold party plates are from Flying Tiger.

img_9587  img_9588 img_9589

We also got the large confetti pieces at Flying Tiger; glue and marker from Michael’s.

img_9590 I don’t know if you can tell — but Louie the cat has a special yellow pumpkin with green paw-print eyes & nose.  Then I clipped two confetti pieces to look more like cat ears (in a triangular shape).

Here is how it looked in the park…  

We brought orange and red spray paint, and ended up using mostly red.  I bought some paper bowls (on clearance at a drug store).  They propped up the pumpkins, and let the paint drizzle down (the lid of the bowl caught the run-off).

colors  The red paint was pretty!  colors5

colors2    colors3    colors4

The pumpkins were a hit!  The washable paint was a relief to all the parents!  Henry’s class of 6-year-olds were able to create some real magic here, but little siblings had a tough time.  I wouldn’t recommend this to kids younger than five.

We topped off the wet paint with a little glitter (from Flying Tiger). It reminded me of pixie dust;  It’s very fine and stays put (does not rub off and get all over clothes or the home).  Nice!  Once the pumpkins are dry — you can glue on some silly plastic spiders & snakes or bugs.  Again Flying Tiger had plenty of that stuff — even glow-in-the-dark spiders and snakes!

Finishing Up:  I bought medium paper bags with handles (at Michael’s).  The pumpkins were about 1/2 way dry by the time parents were ready to leave.  I used a napkin to pick up the pumpkin by the stem and placed the semi-dry pumpkin in the paper bag; an easy carry home project.  Some of the kids got Autumn leaves stuck in their pumpkins which was really cool… ahhhhh the joys of making a mess outside!

The younger siblings loved painting the foam cut outs… Later when I arrived at home I looked inside my paper bag; Two foam pumpkins accidentally bumped into each other and the result was this:


Yes, scary!  I had Pre-K kids opening everything, messes were made but contained on the huge rectangular plastic table cloth I put down on the grass.  I used small sticks to stake the plastic table cloth down (so the wind didn’t blow it away).  Since no one went home with a painted little sibling or a painted dog I would say it was a good day!


Forneris Farms

October fun!  I would highly recommend Forneris Farms to my Angelino friends for sure!  We had a pleasant drive out to this farm located in the San Fernando Valley (Mission Hills, CA) — which took us about 30 minutes.  How did we end up here?


Getting carried away!

Well, there’s an easy way to scare my husband this time of year: asking him to accompany us to the very popular Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch.  Last year we ended up at Mr. Bones on October 14 in the midst of a busy, busy Sunday with what seemed like hipster dads, manic moms, kids in tow — and it was crowded, crowded, crowded!  Heck – even Christina Aguilera and her son were there!   (parking was def a problem too)!!  The unfriendly feel didn’t appeal to hubby as we tried to enjoy the festivities on a super scorcher of a day in West Hollywood!  Lines were long, people grew impatient, and it was hard to seek shelter from the blazing sun!

I was pretty excited when I found Forneris Farms on the web, but were we still going to face the dreaded:

1) Crazy, claustrophobic crowds?

2) Petrifying parking problems?

3) Lurking long lines?

4) Bewitching bathrooms?  EEEEK!

The answers are no, no, no and no!  Super awesome fun, friendly (and helpful) staff and very chill atmosphere!  Needless to say, hubby (and Henry) were very happy!


Our first stop on the farm was here —  a ride on “Rusty” (no lines)!  And we arrived around 11:00 AM…the ponies were beautifully cared for, and Henry LOVES them!  Then we moved on to…

DSC_7375 DSC_7374 DSC_7376the petting zoo.  His favorite were the rabbits (not pictured) and he spent a lot of time in here.  The nice lady let him stay in as long as he wanted! (again no pressure to get out to let the next group in because it was so chill here)!

Happy rider! happy       tractor

ride along The tractor ride was pretty cute, when we got on we noticed the speaker in our little car….music and narration made the ride even more interesting.  We got a brief history of the farm, and it’s crops…

  DSC_7387    DSC_7388    DSC_7389

DSC_7391  DSC_7390  DSC_7392

DSC_7393        DSC_7404

We took our pumpkins, green beans, sweet corn, apples and beautiful tomatoes home for $30!

There was also a D.J. (he was a little “corny”) but he provided fun music and games.  We couldn’t resist the yummy lunch there — roasted sweet corn, hot dogs and lemonade!

pumpSo many beautiful pumpkins to choose from!  …and again we had a pleasant ride back home!

You probably won’t spot a celebrity here (and there’s no paparazzi) but this place was just our speed!