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Catch This!

My friend needed help – fast!  Her son’s 10/31 birthday was quickly approaching, and she needed to pull of a Yankees themed birthday party the weekend before.

Cue the party assistant (me)!  I helped make this BOYS & GIRLS party (full of second graders) a HIT, and everyone left with a pretty cool “thank you gift”!
I created a special banner (with photos of the birthday boy), fun framed decor and party bags filled with themed necklaces or keychains …

  …the girls loved the necklaces!    

I used this same idea to create boys’ high quality keychains.  I used blue or steel colored beads along with baseball beads to make a cool yet different design for the boys.  They love to hook the keychains to their school backpack zippers!

Here’s a look at the BASEBALL party…

…his “Bronx grandma” brought an amazing cake, and the kids played at the Baseball Center on the UWS!

      There were at least 25 kiddos, and a few younger siblings tagged along.  Everyone received a party bag — however I didn’t fill it with Cracker Jacks, peanuts, Big League chewing gum and such.  I know NY kids LOVE Air Heads!  Plus I added some Halloween stickers and red, white, and blue pompoms for a little whimsy.    

(my son above right): He would rather juggle than play baseball.  He’s a circus kid, what can I tell ya?

One of the coolest things about this party (besides watching “Manhattan Grandma” cheer on her grandson) was seeing our friends from (ex.) Sweden and Columbia join in, and learn the sport of baseball!  They were not ashamed to admit they never played, didn’t know how, didn’t know the rules, etc., It made me appreciate diverse friendships, supporting and teaching others, and cheering on your fellow teammate!  There is unity in our little world in the UWS.

Above: juggling Henry and “TuTu” (grandma); Enjoying yummy pizza on this super stormy rainy Sunday — what a great day to be inside!



Really Pretty

…after months and months and months of searching — I may have found it!

Working in the glitz and glamor on Broadway can be incredibly inspiring!  Costumes, costumes, costumes!!!!  That led me to window shop, and investigate fabric stores…. and more fabric stores… and trim stores… and bead stores, and more bead stores in the Garment District.  Sometimes I would purchase a few supplies… then I’d go home to make ________________? What?  I don’t know.

I have tried and failed, and tried and failed…. and tried…. and failed….but then I’d go back to those stores again.  Now — I may be on to something.

Henry helped me with the name of my new venture: Really Pretty.  I admit it, my son truly admires girls.  He admires their kindness, their compassion, their brain-power, and he is very respectful.  He also notices everything.  When we are at home in private — he shares a little something about his girl friends.  He admires every skin tone, every hair color, every eye color, and also THE fashion!  It’s so fun to see what his friends are wearing — NYC trends and styles do not disappoint!  Seeing that his age group (and up) have been pretty keen on wearing chokers — I decided to launch my own line of chokers: Really Pretty.

“Really pretty” is the term Henry uses the most when he describes girl friends.  He doesn’t have girlfriends (thank goodness his teacher Nick told the class that this was not allowed in first grade)!

Forward to my summer collection — it was  just about ready!  I was so excited!  Then FLOP!  Then I tried again, and again and again.  The SUMMER COLLECTION of really pretty necklaces for girls (ages 1st grade – 12th grade) is now here!

From the bottom (l) each necklace has its own name:

Summer Picnic, Key Lime Pie, Lemonade Stand (w/ blue & w/ green)…

Mermaid (wide), Mermaid (narrow), Polkadot Parade…

Pineapple Vibes, Cool Cat, Street Fair, Starry Night, and Water Fountains….


The Street Fair necklace is a bit whimsical with lots of candy and  stuffed animal bears — so cute!

Starry Night is exactly what you’d expect it to be!

We chill at the water fountains all summer long in NYC (some cities call them splash pads); this one is a little bit edgy.

Lemonade Stands — one with blue undertones & one with green undertones.  What’s summer without lemonade stands?




A closer look at Starry Night, Lemonade Stands, and Water Fountains…


If you have any questions about ordering a necklace (or want to order in bulk for a child’s birthday party) please contact me at katmat14@gmail.com.

This one-of-a-kind, made in NYC, (supplies bought in Garment District), labored over in the Upper West Side (and inspired by cool kids everywhere) necklace makes a great gift

There’s also unlimited possibilities for your special someone’s party (because they also make great thank-you-for-coming-to-our-party-gifts)!



Aliens Have Landed!

Parties are FUN!  But they used to be very tricky, and sometimes completely upsetting for Henry.

Social situations can always be hard for kiddos with ASD; But I continued to help his development in this area — always trying to get him through the “tough spots”.  We would go to every single party and celebration we were ever invited to – even if Henry could only tolerate 10 minutes.  Noise, “strangers”, and singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY would always spark a tantrum.  One time I couldn’t even get Henry in to the door of a party for his good friend (Caitlin).  We just sat on the sidewalk outside and he cried and cried and cried.  Once in — we would participate in intervals;  Sitting and looking for 10 minutes, then taking a break, walking out and about for 10 minutes, then returning in, and so on.

Fast forward to 2015…at about 40 social gatherings later, he has worked his way up to participating fully — with no fear and no tears.  There is a little exception though — he has to HIDE when the crowd sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Actually… a lot of parents have told me this has happened to their child with or without ASD!

After a couple of parties we just went to… I could tell Henry wanted a very special party of his own.  His birthday was approaching, and Henry would drop hints and even talk about it with me.  I got the feeling that a special party would be better than any toy we could buy him.  Henry chose the alien theme; I loved it!  Green aliens for the green month of March!  I wondered if he would let us sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

Let’s get started!



I put an extra spark into the invites.  I used silver glitter glue to accent the party info, and also glued an alien to the front.


I gave more green aliens and “alien gems” to Seth — as he found a brand new (yummy) cupcake bakery near by.  They made our order with my toppers!


alien cupcakes

Seth pre-ordered the dinner and I bought the party supplies…

…including extra candles.  It’s a good thing I did.  I handed Seth the red sparkly “5” candle to put in the cake, and he broke it while taking it out of the wrapper.  Too much muscle!  Whoops!

I booked some talent!

Our sweet friend Hannah (who is 10 years old) has been teaching herself how to make balloon animals.  We asked her parents if we could ‘hire’ her to come and help with the party, make balloon creations for the kiddies, and also just have fun.


Hannah made awesome balloon creations!

DSC_9019          DSC_9023

What to wear?  I made custom Alien shirts for a few of us!


Set Up:

Our backyard is small — so I had to make good use of our SPACE!


alien photo backdrop

DSC_8989     DSC_8981

 Hey, it’s the month of “March Madness” — we need some alien b-ball!

More fun….

Activities to do with the kiddies:  

1)  Make an Alien “snow” Globe.  We used jars, glitter and some other “stuff”.  The kids loved it!  They looked something like this, only we used plastic jars to be safe!



2)  Crack open geodes (but we called them MOON rocks or ALIEN rocks just to be silly).

DSC_9039  Daddy helped a lot!      ryan2

3)  Take some pictures outside in front of a SPACE themed backdrop.  Kids can use the props and take goofy photos!

(props)  DSC_8991     nikhil


4) Create some EERIE sounds and music (with Seth’s equipment) at our theremin station!


at first this scared Henry — good thing we warmed up earlier in the day!

Have some cake, sing, and blow out the candles!

DSC_9043        aliencake hugs  Henry gave Seth the biggest HUG after his HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!  THIS WAS HIS FIRST time EVER he participated in it.  He was amazing!  We were so proud!




There were several times when the kids retreated to the bedroom and kind of got crazy as if they were in a mosh pit!  Expect the unexpected with boys parties!  Hannah was great — she made sure no one got hurt.




DSC_9009     DSC_8997


Drinks and (green) watergate salad had a special “out of this world” touch…just because.

I also had this “COLOR AN ALIEN” activity just in case — it was a so cute!  Henry’s friend brought her little sister and all of the girls really likes this!


color an alien

DSC_9046  DSC_9027  leo


Super fun — it WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!