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Baseball Play!

I can see that Dodgers fans are stoked!  …Yankees fans are too!  But the Cubs and Astros are still in it!

Who is going to make it to the World Series?  The Dodgers have come further than they have in many, many years (Fans have not been this elated since 1988)!

The Yanks were a wildcard win who have not been squeezed out yet… in short: some have baseball fever and can’t wait to catch the next game!

I found some baseball beads at Michael’s Crafts, and I am trying out some new kiddo necklace designs.  

It’s pretty easy to slide these on (with new frills, glass beads and even new closures)!  I still feel as though I may not have found my signature design or “look” but it’s exciting to create a new series of accessories!  

I am coaching myself along and I never know if my jewelry will be a hit or miss…but it’s a fun change up!

(Also there are no diamonds in these necklaces)!  Hehe.  

Let me know what you think!  And also let me know your World Series predictions!




Bee Yourself

I’ve had bees on my mind for a while now… Henry’s “B-10” first grade helped inspire the name for the class market project — the Bee Happy Bee 10 Market (and I used a bee as their trademark)!

…then we sometimes watch Aladdin (the original Disney animated movie).  As most people know — Robin Williams is genius as the Genie!  There’s a part in the film where he turns himself into a bee, and tells a very nervous Aladdin, “bee yourself” while he is trying to impress the princess…  I love that message!

Now I am a busy bee — making bees out of vinyl and Swarovski gems that I find on the floor at Broadway’s Aladdin!  So far I have turned them into magnets… but I don’t know what I am going to do with all of these bees!

I started out with buying some glittery vinyl, and I was going to try to make fun little bags (like clutches), but I don’t have a sewing machine (and I’d need special needles or something really good to sew vinyl)!  With bees on my mind (and having bought these particular colors) I just started making my own bee body patterns and cutting out bee  heads, and wings too…. I glued them together and added the gems. Also — I find subway Metro cards all over (free materials); they seem fun… so now I also have a hybrid of NYC bees.

With the ending of this school year drawing near — I made bees for Henry’s teachers & staff to go along with their gifts and cards.

The bees with bows went for the ladies, I gave teacher – Nick –  a bee with a bow tie, and one paraprofessional always has stylish glasses… so I made special bee glasses for Ebony!

I tried arranging them on a blue canvas, but that didn’t look right.  Since they have magnets on the back– they are hanging on my refrigerator, and my front door (it’s made of metal).

I happened to think all bugs are pretty cool.  When I lived in WNY — I remember seeing all kids of interesting insects, I was out in nature every chance I could get: camping, hiking…going to nature preserves…. I also took “Outdoor Science” at Buffalo State College — one of our projects was to create a bug collection.  I had to label them scientifically (and have a specific amount)!  I was pretty desperate toward the end and started scooping them out of light fixtures and a friend’s pool filter (I hated to kill and pin these beautiful little guys).

So often humans see bugs as pests; and we kill them if they get in our way.  Un-bee-lievable!  But about seven years ago — bee colonies starting disappearing.  Are pesticides to blame?  What about our crops?  Do we need to plant more wild flowers?  We need pollination for our fruit crops, and other crops, right?

Get the BUZZ, and some real answers by clicking this  Ted Talk here!  Don’t forget to share with your children too!  The short answer is YES, we need bees!

The BEE Movie (with Jerry Seinfeld) only got a 3/5 star rating… but Henry and some of his friends think bees are pretty cool now!  You’re the bees knees,  Jerry!  (and since Jerry lives right around the corner maybe I’ll just drop off all of these bees at his building)!

Oh — by the way my bees are all different — because BEEing yourself is BEE-u-tiful!  Let’s BEE friends… Get the BUZZ… BEE mine…. You’re cute as can BEE… Are you a Queen BEE? …having a baby?  You’re a Mama to BEE….or a Daddy to BEE… now BEE sweet, and enjoy some nature today!


*Metro cards were cleaned and disinfected with a plant-based non-toxic yet powerful cleaner.


Ready, Go!

If you’re an avid runner in NYC — you’re in luck!  There are 5K’s, 10K’s, and marathons offered all over the city year round!  Sometimes two or three races in one day!

On a particular Upper West Side street that I happened to live on– I can both participate and watch a race every morning: Monday – Friday, and it’s a darn good one!  The race to get the kiddies off to school.

We walk our little ones to school in the Big Apple… and on a sidewalk about four feet wide with tons of obstacles in the way (such as carved out tree/greenery areas, slow moving strollers, random garbage, doggie droppings) parents jog, hop over, circle around, slow down, walk briskly then sprint to the finish line!  Forget the racing shorts and tee’s with runner’s number…

Moms dress in almost every attire imaginable from yoga pants to business suits… heels to sneakers, there’s chic NY fashions and sweat pants and loafers; Dads are no exception.  They’ve got business attire with overloaded briefcases strapped across their bodies, or jeans, sweats, flannels, baseball caps….  The chatter ignites all around: Go! I’m right behind you!  Faster!  Almost there!  A little further!  A little faster, we don’t want to be late!  Go!

Then you hear a loud voice coming from the school: PARENTS I AM ABOUT TO CLOSE THE GATE.  SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR CHILD OUTSIDE THE GATE.  ITS ALMOST 8:20.

There’s a manic type of energy now.  Go! Go! Go! Go!  Running is now in full motion.  The kid makes it in the gate!  ….parents inevitably take a big sigh of relief then either retreat back home or start their own journey to work.

I might add — one can walk at a comfortable pace if you’re an early bird.  Considering our fast paced world and often our slow paced kids (getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth) I happened to see much more of the race!  Henry is somewhere in between.  Not really in a rush but kind of waltzing through.  I have to admit, after Henry is in the gate, I stand back and watch the race before I head back home.

With crazy parents, morning smiles, playful dogs, scooters and so many interesting facial expressions (in addition to those NYC seasonal fashions)  —  it’s morning entertainment at its best!