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Pick Your Pumpkin!

It’s FALL!


We have patiently waited a long time for cooler temperatures, new colors on trees, apple cider, sweaters & football…. at this point I think FALL is finally here!  (although football started several weeks ago)!

…and I am a New Yorker… I have no car, and I am OK with that.  However – something very unusual happens to a lot of New Yorkers every single Fall.  Suddenly everyone NEEDS to get to a farm.  Must go to farm.  Hmmmm…. if only the NYC metro system had a farm stop.

Let’s be real… we are not even close to a farm.  Not. Even. Close.  However I am on a couple social media “mom pages” where everyone is looking for recommendations for farms — complete with pumpkins patches and apple trees; apple picking is a must!

Then photos start popping up (on social media) of NYC families (with kids in tow) on farms…NYC kids on farms. What?  How?  Where?  This perpetuates the problem of desperate parents feeling inadequate because they can’t (or didn’t) get to the pumpkin patch (errr farm).

In the words of comedian Lewis Black, “Halloween is a harvest holiday.  And here in New York (city) –  we don’t harvest s_ _t.”

My advice: walk down the street (no more than two blocks); you will find pumpkins and apples.  Buy them, bring them home and don’t worry about the farm.


Remember — living in NYC is hard enough.  We don’t need to complicate things.



Ready, Go!

If you’re an avid runner in NYC — you’re in luck!  There are 5K’s, 10K’s, and marathons offered all over the city year round!  Sometimes two or three races in one day!

On a particular Upper West Side street that I happened to live on– I can both participate and watch a race every morning: Monday – Friday, and it’s a darn good one!  The race to get the kiddies off to school.

We walk our little ones to school in the Big Apple… and on a sidewalk about four feet wide with tons of obstacles in the way (such as carved out tree/greenery areas, slow moving strollers, random garbage, doggie droppings) parents jog, hop over, circle around, slow down, walk briskly then sprint to the finish line!  Forget the racing shorts and tee’s with runner’s number…

Moms dress in almost every attire imaginable from yoga pants to business suits… heels to sneakers, there’s chic NY fashions and sweat pants and loafers; Dads are no exception.  They’ve got business attire with overloaded briefcases strapped across their bodies, or jeans, sweats, flannels, baseball caps….  The chatter ignites all around: Go! I’m right behind you!  Faster!  Almost there!  A little further!  A little faster, we don’t want to be late!  Go!

Then you hear a loud voice coming from the school: PARENTS I AM ABOUT TO CLOSE THE GATE.  SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR CHILD OUTSIDE THE GATE.  ITS ALMOST 8:20.

There’s a manic type of energy now.  Go! Go! Go! Go!  Running is now in full motion.  The kid makes it in the gate!  ….parents inevitably take a big sigh of relief then either retreat back home or start their own journey to work.

I might add — one can walk at a comfortable pace if you’re an early bird.  Considering our fast paced world and often our slow paced kids (getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth) I happened to see much more of the race!  Henry is somewhere in between.  Not really in a rush but kind of waltzing through.  I have to admit, after Henry is in the gate, I stand back and watch the race before I head back home.

With crazy parents, morning smiles, playful dogs, scooters and so many interesting facial expressions (in addition to those NYC seasonal fashions)  —  it’s morning entertainment at its best!