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A Few More Snaps!

My necklaces are proving to be a fun, challenging and creative project!  A few days ago — I received some feedback from a very inspirational co-worker.  Let’s just say she’s a sewing and fashion expert… a master …a guide… a whiz!  So I am continuing to improve (and provide more designs which will be featured in future posts)!  

I still feel as though I am at the very beginning of my necklace business.  I go back and evaluate them…re-do them… or scrap them; I want each one to pass inspection (I’m tough).  Every time I produce another necklace my husband seems impressed (although girly kid fashion is really not his thing).  Haha!  

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!  

I absolutely LOVE them… Keep them coming!  …and I also appreciate  your feedback! 







Really Pretty

…after months and months and months of searching — I may have found it!

Working in the glitz and glamor on Broadway can be incredibly inspiring!  Costumes, costumes, costumes!!!!  That led me to window shop, and investigate fabric stores…. and more fabric stores… and trim stores… and bead stores, and more bead stores in the Garment District.  Sometimes I would purchase a few supplies… then I’d go home to make ________________? What?  I don’t know.

I have tried and failed, and tried and failed…. and tried…. and failed….but then I’d go back to those stores again.  Now — I may be on to something.

Henry helped me with the name of my new venture: Really Pretty.  I admit it, my son truly admires girls.  He admires their kindness, their compassion, their brain-power, and he is very respectful.  He also notices everything.  When we are at home in private — he shares a little something about his girl friends.  He admires every skin tone, every hair color, every eye color, and also THE fashion!  It’s so fun to see what his friends are wearing — NYC trends and styles do not disappoint!  Seeing that his age group (and up) have been pretty keen on wearing chokers — I decided to launch my own line of chokers: Really Pretty.

“Really pretty” is the term Henry uses the most when he describes girl friends.  He doesn’t have girlfriends (thank goodness his teacher Nick told the class that this was not allowed in first grade)!

Forward to my summer collection — it was  just about ready!  I was so excited!  Then FLOP!  Then I tried again, and again and again.  The SUMMER COLLECTION of really pretty necklaces for girls (ages 1st grade – 12th grade) is now here!

From the bottom (l) each necklace has its own name:

Summer Picnic, Key Lime Pie, Lemonade Stand (w/ blue & w/ green)…

Mermaid (wide), Mermaid (narrow), Polkadot Parade…

Pineapple Vibes, Cool Cat, Street Fair, Starry Night, and Water Fountains….


The Street Fair necklace is a bit whimsical with lots of candy and  stuffed animal bears — so cute!

Starry Night is exactly what you’d expect it to be!

We chill at the water fountains all summer long in NYC (some cities call them splash pads); this one is a little bit edgy.

Lemonade Stands — one with blue undertones & one with green undertones.  What’s summer without lemonade stands?




A closer look at Starry Night, Lemonade Stands, and Water Fountains…


If you have any questions about ordering a necklace (or want to order in bulk for a child’s birthday party) please contact me at katmat14@gmail.com.

This one-of-a-kind, made in NYC, (supplies bought in Garment District), labored over in the Upper West Side (and inspired by cool kids everywhere) necklace makes a great gift

There’s also unlimited possibilities for your special someone’s party (because they also make great thank-you-for-coming-to-our-party-gifts)!