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Gifts To Give

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Little gifts for little ones are available!  Email me with orders, and questions.  All necklaces are $10/each!

Below: Sweater Weather choker


Below: Ms Frosty choker – pink


Below: Sleigh!  choker with diamond


Below: Frozen choker – frost


Below: Frozen choker – coal


Below: Frozen chain necklace











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UWS Fall Bake Sale!

On October 21 we attended the annual Harvest Fest at my son’s elementary school!

Along with all of the chaos…err fun… (haunted house, face painting, games, craft & goodie stations) there’s a bake sale!  

It’s interesting to see what POPS up in the Upper West Side!  Do moms in this career-driven-crazy-busy-section of NYC really have time to bake?


The Jello cups were a hit!  I felt bad for the apple teeth — $2 seemed a bit overpriced too.

Are you wondering what that green “thing” is on top of the jack ‘o lantern treats?  Me too!  We had a kid bite in — to find out.  It’s a gummy candy of some sort (sliced into smaller pieces).


There’s options depending on one’s diet!

and…. I have no idea what this “creepy hand” cupcake with frosting is made from (below left):


These “mouth cookies” (above) looked interesting  I think there was strawberry jelly and marshmallows in there!

…hmmmm….a few store bought items.  A nice touch though!  

There were lots of cake pops and marshmallow pops!


I saw a basket of Trader Joe’s pumpkin shaped cookies… it may have gone untouched for the whole event.  

I also saw more versions of a rice crispy treat (with goo and goop) than you can imagine!

So what did I buy?  Just a few simple and traditional chocolate chip cookies.  (I made sure they were homemade)!  

Henry loved them!  …so that was this mummy’s favorite pick of the day!



Dippy Drippy Pumpkins

From my last post — I mentioned that we had a Soccer ‘N Pumpkins in the Park play day…

I saw a cool idea on Pinterest and wanted to do a test run before-hand!  Hmmmm– Michael’s craft store is up near W. 100th Street, I am at W. 77th…  Maybe I could copy the idea with different paint from a store closer by?  Is that a DIPPY idea?  


We have Flying Tiger (party store) nearby and their stuff is CHEAP!  Let’s see what happens!

Step 1 –    Spray paint your pumpkin so the drizzly paint will adhere to it.  We chose orange: spray    We went up on our roof top for this!  Easy!  Oooo shiny.

spray2dribble not-quite

Step 2  

Place your pumpkin on top of something (I repurposed an old juice box.  The idea is that the paint will drizzle all the way down to the bottom and not create a huge puddle

underneath.  I shook the paint a little, the top flew off and it covered parts of the wall and carpet!  What?!  I didn’t even open the top and peel the foil off yet!  Then we had problems squeezing it out for Step 3.  Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have been able to do it.

Step 3  Hold the paint container upside down and start drizzling paint onto the stem, then let the paint slide down the pumpkin like a waterfall.  Henry & I both squeezed the paint together….. It started to look weird; then I found myself saying, “Henry I think that’s enough paint.  It looks like puke.”

Poor kid — he was so excited.  I wiped off the Flying Tiger paint with paper towels (returned the yucky paint), then got the RIGHT kind of acrylic paint at Michael’s craft store.

Step 3 (again)

Drizzle CRAFT SMART acrylic paint.  Don’t be DIPPY like me and buy the cheap imitation.  I repurposed a used plastic cup for the run-off; (there is still residue from the old paint though).  Step 4: sprinkle with glitter (optional) and let dry.

 paint2    Much better!    again

Henry had so much fun — he wanted to keep going!  I had some foam pumpkin cut-outs (from Michael’s) and foam brushes (from Flying Tiger).  We continued with more creations.  Our cat wanted to check things out too!

img_9584 img_9585 img_9586

The cute gold party plates are from Flying Tiger.

img_9587  img_9588 img_9589

We also got the large confetti pieces at Flying Tiger; glue and marker from Michael’s.

img_9590 I don’t know if you can tell — but Louie the cat has a special yellow pumpkin with green paw-print eyes & nose.  Then I clipped two confetti pieces to look more like cat ears (in a triangular shape).

Here is how it looked in the park…  

We brought orange and red spray paint, and ended up using mostly red.  I bought some paper bowls (on clearance at a drug store).  They propped up the pumpkins, and let the paint drizzle down (the lid of the bowl caught the run-off).

colors  The red paint was pretty!  colors5

colors2    colors3    colors4

The pumpkins were a hit!  The washable paint was a relief to all the parents!  Henry’s class of 6-year-olds were able to create some real magic here, but little siblings had a tough time.  I wouldn’t recommend this to kids younger than five.

We topped off the wet paint with a little glitter (from Flying Tiger). It reminded me of pixie dust;  It’s very fine and stays put (does not rub off and get all over clothes or the home).  Nice!  Once the pumpkins are dry — you can glue on some silly plastic spiders & snakes or bugs.  Again Flying Tiger had plenty of that stuff — even glow-in-the-dark spiders and snakes!

Finishing Up:  I bought medium paper bags with handles (at Michael’s).  The pumpkins were about 1/2 way dry by the time parents were ready to leave.  I used a napkin to pick up the pumpkin by the stem and placed the semi-dry pumpkin in the paper bag; an easy carry home project.  Some of the kids got Autumn leaves stuck in their pumpkins which was really cool… ahhhhh the joys of making a mess outside!

The younger siblings loved painting the foam cut outs… Later when I arrived at home I looked inside my paper bag; Two foam pumpkins accidentally bumped into each other and the result was this:


Yes, scary!  I had Pre-K kids opening everything, messes were made but contained on the huge rectangular plastic table cloth I put down on the grass.  I used small sticks to stake the plastic table cloth down (so the wind didn’t blow it away).  Since no one went home with a painted little sibling or a painted dog I would say it was a good day!


Christmas Jam

T’was December 18th, and all through ‘hood…. Henry was snoring, and over the bed we stood…..

“Wake up Henry!”  (Henry usually goes to school at around 10:45 AM) but today he needed to be at school by 8:00 AM for his Christmas Pageant, and his last day at school in Los Angeles.  We got up extra early — no rest for the weary — Seth had just arrived from Vegas after a full week’s work there.  Our plan was to drive from L.A. to Vegas, and hit the road by 2PM.  It’s going to be one of the those days where we JAM in the impossible!xmas2

We made it to school on time, and it was the cutest California Christmas Pageant ever!

Henry’s class entered the auditorium, and the parents and grandparents “arose with such a clatter” scampering down the aisle to the front!  Seth stayed behind in his seat while I jammed in with all of the paparazzi-parents!

His class performed “Feliz Navidad” and it was adorable…other hits like “Merry Merengue” and “Mambo Santa Mambo” were just fantastic!  These kids were great!

DSC_8611    xmas4

After Henry’s performance — his class sat down to enjoy the rest of the program.

xmas3    DSC_8636


DSC_8635  xmas  DSC_8648

Then came the emotional good byes to Henry’s teachers, and his classmates and their families.  In just a short time we all became so close.  There’s something about the compassion and understanding we all shared in supporting these kiddos’ growth, development and learning.  Henry was especially smitten with 24 year-old Crystal…a helper who assisted in the classroom.  They has a very close relationship, she was so sad to see him go; Henry had caught the love bug with her from “Day One”.  A heartfelt good-bye to Micheltorena Street Elementary School.  We will miss you.

class photo  chrystal

We took Henry to Mina’s for the last time…then Seth and I packed up our two Prius’s with as much as possible, sold a couch on Craigslist, and continued to pack and pack and pack.  We took care of last minute chores, emptied the fridge, took out the trash, and carefully got into our cars and drove over to Mina’s…lots of tears, hugs and kisses later we collected Henry and put our sleepy boy in my car.  Jammed in with everything from succulents to stuffed animals (and everything in between) we started off for Las Vegas, and it was going on three o’clock.

Henry screamed for is dad to get into my car, he didn’t want to drive apart from him.  I had to explain that we needed to bring both cars to Las Vegas; he didn’t quite like this concept of driving separately.  But as long as I drove right behind Daddy’s car he was OK.  Enter L.A. traffic.  Stop, slam on brakes, car cuts me off, Henry screams.  Repeat– several times.

My face was the color of Rudolph’s nose.  Henry would yell and scream every time a car would cut me off — because then he couldn’t see Daddy’s car!  The L.A. traffic added another hour onto our trip.  Then Henry was screaming that his belly hurt.  I thought the stress of it all probably caught up to him, so as I was driving I helped him loosen his jeans and seatbelt a little.  One hand on the wheel, one hand on Henry I kept this up for about 90 minutes…then I called Seth and told him we better stop and give Henry a break.  About 20 minutes later we stopped, stretched, and Starbuck’d (Seth has an addiction).  Henry was fine on the rest of the trip to Vegas, but it was long!

We marveled at the day, and the silliness of it all.  Our couch literally walked down the streets of Los Feliz (they didn’t have a vehicle big enough to transport it).  We jammed in a school concert, lots of emotional good-byes, Christmas donations to charity, Part I of our move, and so much more.  …and as the story goes…I can’t wait to settle in for “a long Winter’s nap!”


Tired Turkeys?

Let’s face it…we can’t handle the same turkey crafts anymore….we have been tracing our hands ever since we were three years old.  Then coloring or painting the “fingers” and making those tired old turkey cut-outs or hand-prints for decades.  Grody to the max, and like, gag me with a spoon!

Time to ROCK THE AGES, and make an 80’s turkey!  Here’s how it goes…


1. BLAST CYNDI LAUPER ON YOUR SPEAKERS…. (or Van Halen, Def Leopard or Bon Jovi); The choices are endless!

2. CUT OUT SMALL VARIOUS PAPER SHAPES WITH “FUN” PAPER!  Fun paper = leopard and zebra print paper.  Find this at Michael’s or various other art paper stores.


4.  ADD GLUE to your turkey’s body AND CREATE A MOSAIC WITH “fun” PAPER SHAPES!

5.  Add LEGS, FACE, BEAK WITH MARKERS….any way you like!  Glitter is mandatory (after all I used to spray glitter hair spray in my locks on Friday nights before Skateland)!….we used glitter glue on our turkeys.

6. OPTIONAL: ADD 80’S HAIR TO YOUR TURKEY and / or…. any 80’s accessories with cut outs, clip art, stickers, or markers!  Decade stickers can be found at Michael’s!  Awesome!


Van Halen on a turkey?


Roller skates, and Pac Man….life was good!


Ronnie and Nancy approved!


Ms Pac Man rocked our world!

Unknown   …print out clip art and glue it in too!    rubix_cube


You don’t have to limit yourself to the 80’s — pick any decade and have some fun with your kiddos! Of course you can do this with your grandchildren as well, choose your decade and teach some history along with the Thanksgiving tradition!  Both Ralph Macchio and David Hasselhoff would be proud!  …..Get nostalgic for your rubber bracelets, neon, and lace bows….ROCK ON!!!!

Dia de los Muertos

Welcome to the Dia de los Muertos celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery… 

DSC_8501  DSC_8502

DSC_8503 DSC_8504

DSC_8506  Beautiful memories…   DSC_8507  

DSC_8508     DSC_8509

A tribute to Robin Williams…. We are invited to walk through his altar.

DSC_8510 A moment to reflect… DSC_8511

DSC_8513  we honor his character…  DSC_8514

DSC_8515 …and his genius.

dayofthedead DSC_8519 DSC_8527 dayofthedead2

 Cat Alter

DSC_8532     DSC_8533

I found an alter that pays tribute to all of our furry friends who have passed on.  It’s hard to forget those sweet creatures, especially “Princess”; her antics made us laugh everyday.  My daughters wanted to adopt her because she had a “magic eye” (her cornea was damaged from a pet fight of some sort)…I loved the innocence of their perspective.



DSC_8538            DSC_8545


He loved the dancing!


Hollywood Forever Cemetery

hollywood day of the dead

November 1, 2014





DSC_8560   DSC_8559  DSC_8565

I loved this event on November 1, there were extraordinary ALTAR EXHIBITS which families or loved ones set up to honor and remember those who have passed on.  There were AZTEC DANCES AND RITUALS, A LACMA CHILDREN’S ART CENTER (kiddos can make a mask, do arts and crafts, and get face paintings), MUSIC, THEATER AND more DANCING, food, drink, spirits and much more!

Parking is a challenge.  And it is very, very crowded.  Next year I may leave Henry home because he was so run-down from trick-or-treating the night before….it’s hard to say though.  Maybe we could just get there earlier and leave earlier.  He did seem to enjoy, though he was very nervous (ASD)!  For more information click here, and for more Dia de los Muertos fun– click on their Facebook page.  You will find even more photos from 2014!

12 Ways Growing Up in L.A. is Ruining My Son’s Life

I had a fun childhood growing up on the east coast (big house, huge back yard, swimming pool) and I raised two daughters in WNY with plenty of back yard cook outs, neighborhood kids coming and going, organized sports….and a somewhat big house.  Henry was born in San Diego, and we moved to L.A, before he even turned one year old. Raising my son in the City of Angels will probably come back to haunt me in a few years, right?

1.  Henry’s neighbors, friends and sitters are all different kinds of people.  Mina (Henry’s care-giver pictured below) and her husband immigrated to Los Angeles from Armenia.  Henry hangs out with their entire family, eats Armenian food, and learns their culture.  They even speak Russian.  Mina’s mom lives here too, so it’s like having another grandma visiting sometimes.  He must hate all the attention!

And our neighbors (a mother & daughter in the apartment above us) speak three languages.  Our neighbor right next door is from England.    A lot of Henry’s friends speak Spanish or French…. even Korean.  I’ll be darned…. Henry knows a tiny bit of Spanish, French and Armenian!  Henry has to expand this thinking, and learn tolerance; he must understand that people have different backgrounds, and customs. Some people here have a lot of tattoos, some are homeless, some are celebrities.  How can he comprehend all of this?  Why does his brain have to work so hard?        mina


2.  We have a “flat” here in L.A. rather than a BIG house.  It’s hard to store a lot of extra “stuff” too.  We have to make donations regularly to the library, Good Will or other charities.  Henry has to learn that it’s good to let go of things we no longer use; Also — since its small inside —  we go outside.  Every single day (thanks to the wonderful climate) we are active and on the run– outside.


A smaller living space is probably killing him when he eats, and sleeps.

 3.  Henry’s dad hangs out with too many clowns here in L.A., and in Las Vegas.  That can’t be good.




4.  I mean — Henry is starting to hang out with some real characters.


El Capitan in Hollywood

 5.  And what about the children at the public playground?

I am so scared…   DSC_8204       DSC_8210

….and frightened that he will get mixed up in all of their fun.  Their sweet, helpful nature can’t be good for my son, right?  They are just too accepting and too willing to play with him.  He has to learn it’s a “dog eat dog world”….and that people are jerks.  The nerve of the pre-teens helping out and having fun with all the little ones!  They’re forming a line all on their own, and wait their turn with no adult micro-managing.  Call SUBURBIA and get some helicopter moms and dads over here STAT!!!!!  These kids are having their own experiences without any adult shadowing!!

shanes inspiration

6.  There is too much to do here in Los Angeles….so much to learn.  I might teach Henry too much, and kids hate that!  I hope he forgives me some day.

DSC_7960     summer sounds

7.  L.A. gets HOT!  I hope Henry doesn’t resent all of the sunscreen and cool hats!  He always gets complements on his caps too, which probably makes him crazy!  The constant exposure to sun probably has something to do with the Vitamin D  that adds to his health and well being.  He is going to be so angry at me for trying to keep him healthy.  Plus when it’s really hot, he can swim and go to the beach.

I torture him… cool summer    santa monica

 8.  L.A. has graffiti, gangs, and guns.  Doesn’t every major city?  Sadly gun violence is a problem that affects our entire nation.  We and our neighbors are vigilant, but I actually feel safer here in Los Angeles than in other parts of the country.  I can only hope that we as a country do something productive and sensible to protect the lives of innocent children and people.

As for the illicit graffiti….     graffiti   Pity.


 9.  Baby, it’s NOT cold outside.  I am spoiling Christmas for my son.  I mean… what would Christmas be without evergreen trees, snow and ice? Now I have to teach my child about the spirit of giving, peace on Earth, and good will towards mankind (and animals).     “Tinsel Town” is going to ruin his holidays.

sled What?   …man-made snow at the winter festival in Silverlake, (LA)?  And ice block sculptures in Long Beach?  ….and Santa Girls and the most amazing lights and decorations I have ever seen?  Despicable.

DSC_7640   DSC_6172  california xmasuniversal studio ca   menora   DSC_6150


10.  Spring won’t feel like Spring…. (big sigh).  These two pictures were taken on the exact same day.


Buffalo, NY and Los Angeles

11.  Halloween probably won’t feel like Halloween either….

happyahall 11hallowe

pumpkincart  Pumpkins!  pump

la cars

Ok, that is scary.



12.  Football (sports) is King in many parts of the U.S   ..but not so much here.  In fact there are fans sporting their teams (on their shirts or cars) from all over the country, and world!  Henry might be confused!  Will he be a Chargers fan?  Maybe.  A Dodgers fan?  Possibly.  My son will be so annoyed with us for not raising him in a city without a proper football team.  What do we do on most Sundays?  The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round and trains must suffice for now.  (Don’t these nice people know life is serious and they shouldn’t be so laid back and friendly)?  Oh well.

…we probably won’t find anything cool to do when he outgrows this.

griffith park merry go round






Beach and Surf!

The 4th of July was hot, sticky…. and on a Friday!  What should we do today?  All of my friends are with their families….it’s a holiday, and I don’t know what to do….

Hmmmm.  Our front yard is very festive.  I put up lots of small and mini-sized American flags throughout.  The fig tree (holiday tree) was adorned with red, white, and blue stars.  But we are not having a party, or going to one….hmmmm.

photo 4 copy

With Seth working in Vegas, and ALL of my family on the east coast…..what should we do?  I don’t know….  Beach?  No, there will be too much traffic.  But it’s hot.  Really, really hot.  Do I stay home and try to entertain Henry with every single toy and activity in the house?  Uggggg.  Let’s go… let’s just do this.  Beach — here we come!  First a quick stop at Gelson’s with my Trader Joe’s freezey-zippy bag (that should keep things cold).   Buy a big bag of ice, a few water bottles, a little milk for Henry, a huge sandwich (for sharing) some snacks….and GO!

Drive, drive, drive to the beach.  Slow down, speed up, slow down, speed up, break, gas, break, gas, repeat….right leg spasms ensue …and Henry is ready to boogie….but first we stop at a store on the PCH to get a BOOGIE BOARD!  Yeah!  I am going to teach Henry to ride the waves on his tummy!  Cool!  Henry screams to get out of the car….he can’t wait another minute.  Wait, Henry –we have to park!

We need a parking spot as close to the beach as possible…Mommy has to carry a lot of stuff!

We’re still driving on the PCH…still driving, still driving, still…….ok…..legal U-turn and park!  Woo!  Malibu — here we come.  Just grab the stuff and walk down this steep hill filled with loose dirt and stones, and sand and trash?  Why would people litter on the PCH?  Why would people litter anywhere?  Ugggg!

I have my bag, our Trader Joe’s freezy-zippy bag…oh its heavy; I have the beach chair (strapped to my back); I have the umbrella, towels and blanket, Henry’s bag of toys, the boogie board, and let’s go!

I don’t have another hand to help Henry down that hill.  He should be able to pull this off, he knows to slide down on his butt if all else fails.


Find a spot!

A spot with not too much trash.

And seaweed.

Got it.

Set up umbrella.

Set up camp.

Wow…those waves are really coming in.  They are LOUD, and rough and LOUD.  Henry is actually afraid of the ocean today!  He hasn’t been afraid of the ocean in the past 8-9 visits here.  Shoot.  Maybe it will be OK.

Settle in.  Sunscreen on.  Take some pictures!

photo 3 copy

Notice there are more kids and fun activity down a ways….should I move our camp?

Yes, then maybe Henry won’t be so afraid.  Go.  It takes me 4-5 trips of back and forth.  I don’t want to pile everything on me at once.  Done.

Where did all the kids go?


Henry is afraid to try out his boogie board.  The ocean is coming in strong.  Other people’s camps are getting soaked.  We’re OK.  I am super hot, I go in the ocean.  Henry yells at me to get out.  It’s too scary.  He doesn’t want me to go in!  I am sweating.  I need to go in!  Henry yells, “Don’t!!!!!”

I do.  He screams.  I get out.  I sit in my beach chair.  He gets sand everywhere — it’s in my purse — all over our camp — in everything.  The umbrella is too small…we need more shade!  There are no clouds.  The sun is HOT!


Enjoy our picnic!


People watch!

Drag boogie board around on sand!

Watch the ocean!

Watch the helicopters!

Watch the planes!


Check Facebook!

Play some more!

Cuddle together in beach chair (with Henry on my lap)…

Give kiddo 20 minute notice that we will pack up soon!

The sun is going down, and the cool air is coming in.

I’m pretty done, ready to clean up and snuggle down (in bed with a movie)!  Fireworks may be scary for Henry (with his ASD).  Let’s go!

I pack myself up like a mule.  An older man tells Henry to “help his mom”…Henry looks at him, and does nothing.  Henry has no empathy for me.

Dust off sand, take off Henry’s shoes….pack up car, get in car.

….slowly drive, and break, and drive.  Slow down, speed up, slow down, speed up, break, gas, break, gas, repeat….right leg spasms some more…young 20 and 30 something’s line the PCH in “dressed to impress attire”.  Those parties are going to be off the hook….I am exhausted just looking at them.

Drive some more, and …..home.  “WHAT’S THAT???!”  Henry exclaims.  “Fireworks,”  I say.  “It’s OK, lets take a shower and then relax in bed with a movie!”

I was told this is the worst traffic day in L.A., I think it was.  Just as we were leaving the beach — parties were kicking it up to overdrive and lots of folks started to set up for the fireworks show.

But we did it…

…and it was terrific!

We love the beach!!!!!

Making Memories (with Elevators and Hats)!

  There are so many fun activities going on that breed excitement, bright lights, (loud music) and sensory overload …but what if your kiddo has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or any other sensory issue?  Any thing could set them off, and sometimes we don’t even know what it is…..  How does Henry enjoy the holidays when it seems really loud, over stimulating, chaotic, and scary?  santa2For starters we bring a hat with us to different events.  Pulling his winter knit hat over his ears helps to muffle the noise here at “Breakfast With Santa”.  I’ve tried putting headphones on him, but he promptly takes them off, so a hat seems to do the trick for now!  We also find the quietest spot at the party or restaurant.  (usually a back corner away from speakers and conversation noise).

Also Henry seeks to ride elevators for comfort.  We took the elevator up to the top and down to the bottom about fifteen times before Breakfast With Santa.  This is pretty common for us.  It’s interesting to see the faces of others who are wondering why we are doing this.  I have done this in Target, Whole Foods, the Long Beach Aquarium parking structure, and Long Beach Aquarium.  Yes, we have lots of elevators in L.A., and I am a frequent rider.

santa 1Three year old Caitlin wasn’t too sure about visiting Santa at his tradition setting.  However during this event Santa comes around to the children as they are relaxing comfortably with parents and treats…a little less intimidating, and lots of smiles are seen here!  (Henry is hiding behind balloons so as to not be spotted and then approached)!  He is so clever!

A “Patient Santa” is an amazing gift for children with special needs, and their parents.  Many people cherish their memorable Santa photos, and for some it just seems impossible.  The “Patient Santa” (described in the article from The Buffalo News) is remarkable, and in the words of my mother-in-law, “brilliant”!  Yes, I agree, brilliant!  Please check it out!

santa and 3  The alternative:

The Big Guy with our friends’s triplets!  I couldn’t help but to share this picture!  Thank you John and Georgia for this!

…on the other hand, some sensory experiences are YUMMY!  Hat’s OFF to cookie decorating!

santa 5            

The Music Center in downtown Los Angeles!  Daddy’s first time attending (Henry’s 3rd year)!  We approached this activity when there were no others at the table.  Also — now that Henry feels comfortable the hat is off!



santa 4 3ofus santa 6

           SWEETS, SMILES, and balloon SECURITY!

The Big Chill

OK, so it’s not called “The Big Chill” — I mistakenly called it that while talking about this super COOL attraction in Long Beach, CA.  It’s actually called “Chill” at The Queen Mary.

I showed hubby the online link and he promptly said, “Let’s GO!”  I couldn’t wait to see The Ice Kingdom — but I was worried that Henry would not enter the large igloo to experience it.  Once inside –the ice sculptures are kept cold at 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s a bit dark; Maybe too scary for our little guy.  We showed Henry the attraction on my computer, and explained where we were going.  He wasn’t too sure about this…..

DSC_7613 Playing inside a snow globe!  DSC_7614


Did Henry come inside the Nutcracker themed Ice Kingdom?  Let’s take a peek!

Amazing!   DSC_7624      WOW!      DSC_7621

Blocks and blocks of ice were used in this fascinating exhibit, “more than two million pounds” to be exact! 

Don’t worry about bringing all of your winter gear here…  Before you step inside — the staff will lend you a large parka!  

DSC_7628    ICE mice!    DSC_7625


Do you see Henry and Seth?

DSC_7620  “NO way!” Henry said!  DSC_7623


The sculptors created a Queen Mary replica which was 24 feet tall!  Climb aboard…  DSC_7626   DSC_7630DSC_7637   DSC_7638

…and slide down if you like!



Walk through the sugar plum castle!  Incredibly beautiful!

DSC_7641  DSC_7643  DSC_7620

Henry loved the snow globe, and fake snow!  I LOVED The Ice Kingdom!  Maybe we’ll try again next year, and see if we can get him to check it out!  …it was truly an amazing work of art!  There’s also ice skating, tubing, food & drinks… and more!


time to go home