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Short conversation of the day…

Henry: (out of no where) Mom, I hope a scary clown doesn’t come into our apartment.

Me: (a little giggle) What?! No, Henry; that won’t happen.  A scary clown will not come into our apartment.  I promise.  It just won’t happen.

Henry: Well, OK.  (not really certain and his face is very serious).

Me: Where did you see a scary clown?

Henry: On Youtube.

Me: OK, that won’t happen.  I am secretly thinking — with all the movie promotions of It and  Halloween coming up… I guess this was bound to happen.

Footnote: We don’t have a TV in our apartment, but we let him watch a few things on his iPad.  He was watching a “family clip” where a dad dressed up like a scary clown.  Yeeeesh!



Mr. Bones in West Hollywood

Henry and I joined our friends at Mr. Bones in West Hollywood!

Last year (at age two) our October visit was a little frightening.  There’s a lot of stimulation here — and sometimes it can be too much for our kiddo; But he really warmed up to the fun on this super sunny day in L.A.!

inside    silly jump

The GIANT jack-o-lantern bounce house that has a zipper enclosure for entry and exit was too scary last year…. this year Henry bounced to his heart’s content!

slideIf you look closely — Henry and Madi are seated up at the top of the slide!  I lost count how many times Henry went on this!

boat 2              boat 1

                  The pirate’s boat was smooth sailing!  A-hoy matey!



Psychiatric Help – The Doctor is IN

This picture reminds me (and my husband) of a Peanuts cartoon (Lucy)…can you believe she only charged her clients five cents?

On to the petting zoo!  We were told not to let the goats eat our paper cups….they will definitely try their best to devour the food and cup, be careful!

“They’re so cute!”  goats 2        goats

ponyRiding “Elvis” the pony!  The pony rides at Mr. Bones are very popular…this line was pretty long but Henry waited patiently!


    IMG_2724       2kids

Henry and Madison in 2011, and 2013!  Super cute friends at the pumpkin patch!