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Gifts To Give

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Little gifts for little ones are available!  Email me with orders, and questions.  All necklaces are $10/each!

Below: Sweater Weather choker


Below: Ms Frosty choker – pink


Below: Sleigh!  choker with diamond


Below: Frozen choker – frost


Below: Frozen choker – coal


Below: Frozen chain necklace











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A Few More Snaps!

My necklaces are proving to be a fun, challenging and creative project!  A few days ago — I received some feedback from a very inspirational co-worker.  Let’s just say she’s a sewing and fashion expert… a master …a guide… a whiz!  So I am continuing to improve (and provide more designs which will be featured in future posts)!  

I still feel as though I am at the very beginning of my necklace business.  I go back and evaluate them…re-do them… or scrap them; I want each one to pass inspection (I’m tough).  Every time I produce another necklace my husband seems impressed (although girly kid fashion is really not his thing).  Haha!  

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!  

I absolutely LOVE them… Keep them coming!  …and I also appreciate  your feedback!