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A Few More Snaps!

My necklaces are proving to be a fun, challenging and creative project!  A few days ago — I received some feedback from a very inspirational co-worker.  Let’s just say she’s a sewing and fashion expert… a master …a guide… a whiz!  So I am continuing to improve (and provide more designs which will be featured in future posts)!  

I still feel as though I am at the very beginning of my necklace business.  I go back and evaluate them…re-do them… or scrap them; I want each one to pass inspection (I’m tough).  Every time I produce another necklace my husband seems impressed (although girly kid fashion is really not his thing).  Haha!  

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!  

I absolutely LOVE them… Keep them coming!  …and I also appreciate  your feedback! 







Still Going!

Yay!  The domain: Really Pretty NYC.com is now mine, and I am still perfecting my craft!  ….I have learned so much about creating unique necklaces! (and I’ve been teaching myself every chance I get)!  Wait — did I really just write that?

The necklace clasps, jump rings, trim fabric, and chain all play a vital role in the final product.  Sometimes I reach perfection… sometimes I reach a snag!  The learning curve is “for reals”!

Before September I am hoping to do a photo shoot!  (I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me for that)!  My packaging (w/ insert) is all designed and completed (phew) and I made a few flyers as well.  This Fall I hope to sell my new collection on line (and at the Upper West Side’s Grand Bazar).

Henry says he doesn’t want me to sell any necklaces because they are too beautiful.  (He wants to keep them all).  Louie our cat loves sitting amongst my “nest” of supplies purchased from the Fashion District, and Louie frequently nabs a favorite necklace (it’s always the same one).  Plus I have a choker with pom pom embellishments and the cat swipes those pom pom’s every chance he gets!  Seth will comment from time to time and say, “Oh that necklace design is cool!”

A “trunk party” with Henry’s girlfriends (and parents) is on my horizon too…. I can’t wait to see how the response is!  My test trials have been really valuable, and now I look forward to seeing future reactions.  I am also excited about learning from young ones’ fashion view points!


Until the next chapter….  thanks so much to all of my friends with this process!  You have truly helped me on my journey, and I am so grateful!