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Short conversation of the day…

Henry: (out of no where) Mom, I hope a scary clown doesn’t come into our apartment.

Me: (a little giggle) What?! No, Henry; that won’t happen.  A scary clown will not come into our apartment.  I promise.  It just won’t happen.

Henry: Well, OK.  (not really certain and his face is very serious).

Me: Where did you see a scary clown?

Henry: On Youtube.

Me: OK, that won’t happen.  I am secretly thinking — with all the movie promotions of It and  Halloween coming up… I guess this was bound to happen.

Footnote: We don’t have a TV in our apartment, but we let him watch a few things on his iPad.  He was watching a “family clip” where a dad dressed up like a scary clown.  Yeeeesh!



Sunday Fun Day (at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market)

coffee     menu

First stop: The Omelette Parlor on Main Street in Santa Monica — so great! They give your child a coloring sheet, crayons and stickers! The food is yummy as well! Henry walked out with a lollipop after his breakfast….BONUS!

DSC_6488      draw


pancakes        lolipop

“Patches” the Clown makes Henry an octopus balloon!

patches     octopusponyride          petzoo

At the Farmer’s Market (just a short walk from the restaurant) you can enjoy balloon creations for the kiddies, a petting zoo, pony rides (I might add that a certain Jen and Ben take their kiddos here), live music and plenty of people watching….oh, and the FARMERS MARKET vendors of course!