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Pick Your Pumpkin!

It’s FALL!


We have patiently waited a long time for cooler temperatures, new colors on trees, apple cider, sweaters & football…. at this point I think FALL is finally here!  (although football started several weeks ago)!

…and I am a New Yorker… I have no car, and I am OK with that.  However – something very unusual happens to a lot of New Yorkers every single Fall.  Suddenly everyone NEEDS to get to a farm.  Must go to farm.  Hmmmm…. if only the NYC metro system had a farm stop.

Let’s be real… we are not even close to a farm.  Not. Even. Close.  However I am on a couple social media “mom pages” where everyone is looking for recommendations for farms — complete with pumpkins patches and apple trees; apple picking is a must!

Then photos start popping up (on social media) of NYC families (with kids in tow) on farms…NYC kids on farms. What?  How?  Where?  This perpetuates the problem of desperate parents feeling inadequate because they can’t (or didn’t) get to the pumpkin patch (errr farm).

In the words of comedian Lewis Black, “Halloween is a harvest holiday.  And here in New York (city) –  we don’t harvest s_ _t.”

My advice: walk down the street (no more than two blocks); you will find pumpkins and apples.  Buy them, bring them home and don’t worry about the farm.


Remember — living in NYC is hard enough.  We don’t need to complicate things.





We made the (almost) two hour drive from L.A. to Oak Glen’s Riley’s Farm for the start of Autumn, and apple picking season!

The day before — I went to their bakery and restaurant website and ordered a family size chicken pot pie, a loaf of “Sally Lunn Bread” and an apple crumble pie…to be picked up (for dinner) the next day!  Genius!  Much needed exercise to burn those carbs would surely follow!


Henry was so excited to run around the farm, he loved it!  Look out though!  There are many, many apples and pears littering the ground.  He slipped a few times….YIKES!



pickapple         dadapple

With dad’s help, Henry was hoisted up to nab some apples!  Finally he is picking something other than his nose.  The trees were somewhat picked over — but we managed to get a pretty good share!


Before you begin — you are instructed to go the the farm house to purchase your bag(s).  You will get quick instructions on how to pick the apples to preserve future crops!

There are plenty of staff (dressed like Mose) to help you find your way and answer your questions. If you have ever watched The Office — you may remember Dwight’s brother, Mose — yup, that’s what I’m talking about!


When Henry saw the tractor drive by (pulling a group of happy riders) we had to get in line for the next ride!  Super cool!

DSC_7356   DSC_7360

Then it was off to lunch!  Riley’s Farm has a Colonial style (more formal) restaurant, and a casual cafeteria style restaurant.  Henry was drawn to the live music here at the cafeteria — so we got some yummy cook-out lunches and an apple dumpling with carmel topping!  Henry’s first apple dumpling went something like this: chew, chew, chew…..spit out!  (maybe the carmel was too much)!

There was so much more to explore!  Henry loved visiting the sheep and goats, he thought they were pretty funny — especially when one sneezed on us!  A-CHOO!  There is a whole lot of living history to explore and a calendar of upcoming events on the website.  It was a pretty fun day!  You just have to wrap your head around that two hour drive – for most Angelinos who spend so much time in their cars already — a trip out to the country can seem daunting.  For us though, it was well worth the trip!  Oh, and dinner at home later that night was super delicious!  With my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage — this is definitely my kind of comfort food!


back at home…fruits of our labor