About – by Katrina Stachowski

mama car usny

I live in NYC…. but once upon a time pot holes, road humps, & horns seemed a bit scary to my young kiddo on our L.A. commute.

My young son was both in awe of LA LA Land but also a little frightened.  I always played off those “beeps & bumps” as being a silly part of life…. and then we would laugh.  Life’s imperfections pop up everywhere, and it often helps to add some humor now and again!

New York, NY, is where we call home!  We really enjoy living on the UWS!  email me at: katmat14@gmail.com if you have a question!


 SIN CITY was also home (for one year in 2015)!


As a mom of two daughters and one son — I have been on the move ever since my husband joined up with Cirque du Soleil in 2006.  I was once a full time Fitness Class Director / Coordinator at The Buffalo Athletic Club facilities in WNY, then a Health teacher (with permanent NY State certifications).  At 18 years old — I worked for Disney — and once again I am back!  This time it’s at Broadway’s Aladdin working in wardrobe, and as a swing dresser.  Oh those beautiful costumes!  It’s a dazzling show full of music, dance, laughter & magic!

This photo was taken a few years back; Sara is now 27, Marley is 22, and Henry is 7!

mom and kids