Bird Words

Watching from inside — our cat is a big fan of feathered friends. (So are we)!  Sometimes we can sit quietly in our backyard and watch them come and go!  I have two bird feeders out (and I sprinkle a little bird seed too).

One day after school Henry and I were out back and I said, “Oh!  What a pretty mourning dove.  It’s got some blue feathers too.”

Henry quickly replied, “Well, it should be called an afternoon dove — not a mourning dove — because it’s here in the afternoon.”


“Oh, Henry!  It’s a different kind of mourning.”  I went on to explain… and the bird is named for its mourning cooing sounds.  They sound sad or sorrowful.  At least that is why I think they are named mourning doves.  In any case we appreciate our visiting birds.  We are still waiting for more “honey birds” to visit our nectar feeder…. “that’s hummingbirds, Henry!”