Kids Yummy Snacks

Hangry – Urban dictionary defines this as being “so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both”.  (combining hungry and angry).

This completely describes my 7-year-old.  He wakes up first thing in the AM bright eyed and bushy tailed…but in a certain mood…then after some breakfast — he’s an absolute sweetie.

I can detect his “hangry” at almost anytime, but my husband — not-so-much.  Henry’s dad starts to bark at him for being rude (or jerky).  Then Henry argues back that my husband is being rude, then it goes back and forth….. I feel like I am in an altered universe where my husband and son are the same person (yet different ages) and the battle has no end in sight.

It’s snack time!  Yum & done…. battle over. That was easy… my husband shakes his head, and Henry sincerely apologizes in a cute voice.  Then it happens again the next day or so!  Ha!  If possible I love to give Henry fresh organic veggies as a snack.  This kid absolutely loves his vegetables!

Pictured below are organic yellow peppers, “carrot noodles” and organic orange peppers.

We found the carrots already cut into “noodles” but you can buy a hand-held tool to make your own at home!

So what jerky things are said during these spats?  From the mouth of a seven year old whose belly is super empty:

“Dad!  You always get a choice!”

“Dad!  You are not being nice!”

“Dad!  You are being mean!”

“Dad!  You are yelling at me!”

“Dad!  What is wrong with you!”

“Dad!  You are being a toot!”

When I don’t have veggies or fresh fruits available — I ask Henry to help himself to a snack in the jars I prepared.  It’s always a good idea to plan for a snack attack, prepare ahead, then show your child they can get what they need independently.  This is also suppose to empower your kiddo, but for some reason my child still likes to be waited on (we are working on breaking that habit).  I guess I am lucky though… some have the tendency to over eat, or over do-it with snacking, but Henry has good sense (he eats a reasonable amount).  Plus – I like to show him that I trust him to make good choices.

What’s in my jar?

  • squeezable applesauce (we buy a variety of flavors)
  • pretzels (I put them in my own baggies)
  • baked fishy crackers (I put them in my own baggies)
  • raisin boxes
  • granola bars
  • organic apple juice box (we are trying to limit these due to the SUGAR)
  • one or two pieces of small chocolate (he almost never picks the chocolate)
  • organic fruit snack pouches

Happy snacking ya’ll!