FB Groups!

Facebook is helpful at times (GROUPS)!  Since I was new to the Upper West Side in New York City two years ago, I joined the UWS Moms Facebook Group!  I learned about a couple of restaurants in the area… and I learned about the rat problems in the local playgrounds.  Good to know!

Now that I just moved into my new community in Summerlin (Las Vegas), a neighbor told me that there was a Facebook Group!  Generally speaking — it’s a forum where one can ask questions and get advice!  Current issues are explained, and neighbors look out for one another.  Let’s see how these two groups compare!

NYC: Thinking of joining friends going to the Children’s Museum on 83rd. My son is 5 months old [and doesn’t crawl]. Will there be anything for him to do there or is it still too young?

LV: Anyone else finding scorpions in their house? We found a tiny tan one in our house today. This is the 4th time in the 5 years we lived here and we’ve always had monthly pest control. I have a cat, a 4 year told and a baby on the way and I’m scared of any of them (and me) getting stung. What should we do?

NYC: Jewish moms, what do you say to your kids about Santa? Mine just asked if Santa is real. I don’t want her to be the kid who ruins it all for the rest of her friends, (and knowing her, she WILL spill the beans), but I hate lying to her, particularly when it’s not even a tradition we follow in our home.

LV: Just a shout out to our neighborhood – all of the Christmas lights on the houses look great!

NYC: Which kids ski group is better?  _______________ or ______________?

LV: We find one or two [scorpions] a year; we have a bug guy who comes out once a month.
Crazy scary story: last year my 1.5 year old was flapping something with his hands and when we went over we saw he was holding a scorpion. Thank god he wasn’t stung. Very scary.

NYC:  [Can anyone recommend a ]Great place for brunch for a group that includes a bunch of toddlers near Columbus Circle that won’t be difficult to get into tomorrow?

LV: Freakiest thing was seeing scorpions in our toilets! Wondering how they got there!?

NYC: My daughter has been taking classes at The Fashion Class for various fashion and sewing classes for a couple of years and she loves it. They had a student drop out of her Fabric Design class for ages 6-12 starting tomorrow, Jan 13 from 12:30-1:30pm and in order to meet the minimum number of students, they are offering a discount for this 8 week class if you register TODAY. Call___-____

LV: Does anyone know when the bulk trash pick up is?

NYC: Hi mommas! Looking for nanny agency recommendations. Did most people use an agency? I feel like word of mouth is a little scary for me…

LV: Attention my fellow neighbors. Spotted one COYOTE for sure maybe two COYOTES coming across Town Center Road. Be careful with your pets, they are on the hunt.

NYC: Amazing Moms- need your perspective on 2-yo educational programs in NYC. I have visited a number of schools, Montessori, Goddard etc… and have not been impressed at all… Are there any private tutors or programs that you would recommend?

LV: Anyone know who the guy in the sock monkey hat is with? He is going around knocking on doors that say “no soliciting” saying he isn’t soliciting and then asking you to hear him out on solar panels. He told me who he was with but I was a little annoyed that he said he wasn’t soliciting because I didn’t have to buy anything and then went straight into his sales pitch.

NYC: Need help with arranging a small kids room. I’m looking for recommendations for services who will basically come in and design the room, tell me what I need to buy, and then organize it. Thanks!

LV: Hello! Just had a question for the [zoned elementary school parents], how have you liked the school? Good parent involvement, school community? All these choices of school options weren’t around back in the day, it’s pretty overwhelming. Thanks for any feedback!


Well, that’s it for now!  By the way – we have a  little cute lizard hanging off our front door.  My son named him “Stephen”.

I hope you found this post to be interesting!  Let me know what you think!