School is Cool

Bring A Cool School Snack!

Moms…Mums… Dads…. Is it your child’s birthday? …or is there’s a special event in the classroom? What do you bring?  Cupcakes?  Cookies?  Cake Pops?  Rice Crispy treats?  Fruit?  We all know treats will be a HIT, but the sugar and empty calories are not the greatest.

Recently – I brought in a mix: cereal, raisins, pretzel pieces, and mini marshmallows… the possibilities are endless depending on what you want to add (and if food allergies are an issue).

Dress it up with a fancy pom pom, and the kids think they just won the snack jackpot!

Actually – I find this easier than cupcakes!  I can make the mix up to two days before (keeping it fresh in a zip lock bag), and it’s super easy to transport into the school (it’s hard to get those cupcakes in)!

Is that my mix on the students’ plates?  Yup!  I even heard, “mmmmmm, yummy”!  Love that!


mini pom-poms of your choice (I found mine at Michael’s craft store)

mini clear bags (I found mine at Paper Source)

*strong glue (any craft store)

homemade Chex mix

My Mix:

Chocolate Chex cereal              

Corn Chex cereal  

Kix cereal  


Pretzel pieces


*the only downfall was the strong glue; it has a bit of a smell, so I glued the pom-poms on in advanced and left them out to air out (fan on window open if needed).  In the end the smell was not noticeable, but be careful with certain brands and make sure your packaging is safe.  I skipped putting pom-poms on every single bag (since I made extra servings).

I had BIG competition on this day… other parents brought amazing snacks and treats.  (think donut holes and homemade cookies)!

The kids REALLY went for my mix (even some parents)!  The next thing I knew a group of girls searched the recycling bin looking for any discarded pom-poms!  I got a lot of compliments and the healthy alternative was appreciated.

The teachers wanted to keep any left overs for classroom snack!  I feel like it’s win-win… teachers and kids LOVE it!