What’s Ahead 2018?

We just moved out a tiny apartment and into a MUCH larger space in Las Vegas!  We love the Summerlin area – near Red Rock Conservatory – and also near lots of fun shops and restaurants.  My husband, son, cat and I have been through lots of changes in the past….

I wonder what’s going to change this year?

NYC – The smaller apartment was easy to navigate through.

LV – I am getting lost in my new home, I can’t find the light switches…

NYC – Three people and a cat bumped into each other while tripping over toys and just about everything else.

LV – I still can’t find the light switches.

NYC – Being mindful about keeping the noise down, and reminding my kiddo (and his company) to play quietly due to apartment living — A.K.A. grouchy neighbors.

LV – We have a huge blue exercise ball, and it’s currently flying all through the house smashing into walls.

NYC – Our building entry was always messy.  I cleaned it up every so often, but it literally got “trashed” the next day(s) thanks to cigarette butts from our residents, neighboring restaurant litter,  garbage pickers & dumpster divers…  (and someone stole my broom)!!

LV – It’s time to start taking care of landscaping for our yard!  I need pruners, gardening gloves, dirt, pots…. (I love to create little cactus and succulent planters)!  I have a broom and I think it’s here to stay!

NYC – mmmm NYC water is surprising delicious and safe.  We drank plenty from the faucet – very convenient!

LV – Nuts, I forgot how awful the water is here.  We’ve been toting water home every other day from the store, and we need to order a water cooler service.  Also the water in the shower is “hard” but supposedly we have a built in softener.  Our hair and skin are already dry!  Eeeks!

NYC – I worked outside the home four days/ week in Times Square at Disney Theatrical.

LV – We are still waiting for our furniture and moving truck to arrive. After we are settled in, I’ll slowly begin the process of finding work!  Or — should I just take care of the landscaping, house, kid, grocery shopping, laundry…..

NYC – Public transportation all the way!  (grocery shop for only what you can carry home)!

LV – We have a car again!  Giddy up for groceries and supplies for weeks!

NYC – Walk kid to and from school down the narrow sidewalk filled with a dizzying array of parents and nannies pushing strollers and such.

LV – Hello school bus!

NYC – Walk kid to park or playground for play.  Every. Day.

LV – Play in different areas of the house or venture out to a playground; when it warms up a bit, jump in backyard pool!

NYC – We said goodbye to our NY friends.

LV – Our Vegas friends are excited to have us back!

NYC – Homeless people begging for money.

LV – Homeless people begging for money.

NYC – Very little time to cook due to extremely hectic lifestyle and teeny tiny kitchen.

LV – Home cooked meals (and the occasional delivered pizza) await.

NYC – Nightly zzz’s getting interrupted by goofballs in the alley smoking doobies, laughing, talking, coughing, etc.,  Neighbors’ parties, sirens, faint traffic noise.

LV – Crickets (and the occasional neighbor’s party).  …it is Las Vegas after all!