Viva Las Vegas!

We are moving back to Las Vegas!

It was tremendous to live and work in The Big Apple for two years, but now on to Sin City for a 2nd time.  (We lived there for one year in the past).

A lot of people have asked me if I am excited about this move… am I glad?  Will I like living in Las Vegas?

My answers have been pretty short.  I am glad.  I am glad that my husband will have a job on a wonderful Cirque du Soleil show!  I am glad that he gets to work in his field of music.  I am glad the taxes are smaller there.  I am glad Nevada has no state income tax.  I am glad we will stop paying a NYC tax and a NY state income tax.  I am glad that I will get to live in a house, and have a backyard.  I am glad we will have a (modest) swimming pool!  I am glad that I still have friends in Vegas!

…and L.A. is only four hours away (in the car).  L.A. friends are not far!  I am glad I will be able to drive to California and take my son to Lego Land, Disneyland, and beaches in SoCal.

I am glad for the nature in Summerlin (our little town in Vegas) that has scenic mountains, cactus plants, peaceful surroundings and friendly people.

This is a bittersweet change though.  However – I think things are going to be just fine!

Oh — and Las Vegas now has an NHL hockey team, and an NFL football team is on the way!  That is great news for the Vegas economy – more visitors will surely come in for the sports.  They just might catch a Cirque show while in town too… Cool!